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What is Sheron, and what does it do?

Sheron is a nonprofit organization that creates park benches and tables for disabled children to play, learn, and be seen. We aim to improve accessibility and inclusion for disabled kids in all aspects of life.

How does Sheron ensure the safety of the park benches for disabled children?

Sheron works closely with manufacturers to ensure their park benches meet all safety regulations and standards. They also regularly inspect the park benches to ensure they remain safe and secure for disabled children.

How can I get involved with Sheron's mission?

You can get involved with Sheron by volunteering, donating funds, or spreading the word about their mission to others. You can contact them through their website to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Can I request a custom park bench for a specific location?

Yes, Sheron offers custom park benches designed to fit your specific needs and location. You can contact them through their website to discuss your requirements.

How can I donate to Sheron?

You can donate to Sheron on their website’s Donate Now page. They accept donations via credit card, PayPal, or check.